Monday, October 4, 2010

Slowly But Surely

So I know that it has been a while since I have been on here but it has not been easy these past 2 weeks.  I started having some thumb and wrist problems in my right hand.  I keep going like there was nothing to it and then finally at the end of the first week I went to see the doctor.  I told him my symptoms and he grabs my wrist and shoved it a certain way.  I screamed bloody murder and he told me what I had and it was some big name but not the normal wrist problems people get.  He gave me a brace to wear on my arm and hand and told me I have to wear it for 2 weeks.  If that doesn't work then he would have to inject with a needle in my wrist a steroid.  If that did not work then I would have to see a hand specialist and have surgery to help relieve some of the tension in my wrist.
Well I have to report that the rapid weight loss.  It really does feel great to start losing so much weight at the beginning and then know the day will come when it will slow down.  I almost believe that this part of losing weight is the part to see how dedicated one really is.  Now its about being in it for the long run.  A guy that I knew who was 225lbs lost 30lbs but he said after 20 he slowed down and the last ten took him the longest.  He said slowly but surely but its part of the life long process.
           Everyday at the gym seems to get a little bit easier.  The elliptical has become a friend to me every morning Monday through Saturday.  My doctor told me that I should stick with the elliptical for a little be longer since it seems to be working for me.   I get up at 4:45am and get to the gym by 5am to get my 3 mile jog in and then some swimming afterwards.  I remember when I first started I could barely get off the elliptical and walk.  Now I get off and it's like "all right lets go swimming now and cool down".  Since I cannot do free weights because I'm still getting over a back injury I keep trying to find ways to increase the work out.  I have just recently increased my speed and found that that really has helped.  I started wondering if I cut my portions way down if that would help with losing the weight.  I have to say that I am not a fan of counting calories because it drives me crazy.  I believe that using common sense has helped a lot in maintaining the weight.
My blood pressure levels have maintained at a steady low.  This takes the place of happiness when I weigh myself and see that much weight has not come off.  I take my blood pressure and see that it is maintaining a low rate.  This reminds me that though the weight is not coming off fast that I am keeping a study low pressure which means I'm doing everything right.  Doing is better than not doing and helps keep me on the path.
The good news is that The Biggest Loser has started again.  I remember always saying that I'm going to start when the season begins and I have been saying that for many seasons.  This time it was great to watch the first episode knowing that I have already started and that I was sticking to it.  I tell you they beat the crap out of those people on there for about 4 hours a day and then don't let them do anything else.  That's how they are losing all this weight at the beginning not to mention all of the water weight that they are caring.  Most people forget that as they watch the numbers get lower and slower each new episode.  This has helped me to learn that this is just a continual life process that is working for me rather than against me.  Well until next time.


SYS   147
DIA  83
HRT  82

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